About Hero Arena

NFT gaming and the Metaverse

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are emerging, the gaming industry took a revolutionary leap with a small tweak, the DeFi factor. NFT gaming was born to serve this agenda, acting as the decentralized agent, delivering to the gamers, the players, what are rightfully theirs.

Different from traditional gaming where central parties (such as the game developers) hold and regulate, circulate in-game assets, in NFT games, players have full control over their assets and by through that means, they partially own the game and have the ability to govern its ecosystem.

With this development, the concept of Metaverse once again surfaced and attracted more attention than it ever has. Metaverse can be understood as the cyberspace universe, usually existing inside the game ecosystem where players are the characters and their interactions are simulated as closely to real-life interaction as possible. NFT gaming took the gaming industry one step closer to the ideal metaverse by enabling rightful ownership on the internet of assets.

About Hero Arena

Hero Arena is a DOTA-inspired blockchain RPG game where anyone can play and earn tokens through skilled gameplay and ecosystem engagement. Hero Arena aims to stimulate players’ most surreal fantasy of an ancient atmosphere where there is only light and darkness. In here, players live in the metaverse where they have full control over their every decision, they fight their own fights with their own assets, their transactions are self-settled with absolutely zero friction and intermediaries.

In Hero Arena, players summon and train heroes known as Heras to join campaigns and battle with each other. Heras come in a variety of classes and races, each with its own unique appearance as well as strengths and weaknesses. As the game proceeds, Heras only get stronger and stronger when they evolve and receive powerful equipment.

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