Hera Battles are 1v1 turn-based combat. In this game type, players take turns controlling their units (in this case, Heras) to win the match by defeating the opponent’s units. Thus, powerful Heras, Class & Race combination and smart skills utilization are essential to gain advantages against other players in this game type.


Players can build a line-up of up to 5 Heras from their Hera collection to enter combat.

Players can have up to 04 slots to save 04 different line-ups. At any moment, only 01 line-up can be chosen as active.


Players will enter combat with their active line-up. Line-up cannot be changed during combat.

The order of attack will be determined by the team’s speed (the average speed of all Heras on the team)

There is a time limit for each battle. When the timer runs out, whoever has more Heras left on the field wins. In case both sides have the same number of Heras remaining on the field, victory is determined by the total % HP remaining.

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