Introduction About Hero Arena NFTs Marketplace

Hero Arena NFTs Marketplace is a cross-chain platform where users can easily trade NFTs and earn money.

The marketplace is equipped with superior features that give you the best trading experience and money-making opportunities. As put on sale, change price, remove, purchase NFTs.

Hero Arena is created with the most sophisticated graphic design of world-class collectibles and a comprehensive and homogeneous NFTs ecosystem. Moreover, the NFTs marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs, buying and selling operations, and even launch NFT join affiliate programs with an attractive commission rate for both promoters and referees.

NFT Marketplace

Feature Manage your NFTs The user accesses the NFT page to view or perform operations with the NFT: sale list, price change,...

Step 1: Access the NFT

Step 2: Connect wallet page

Step 3: Select user profile to view a list of NFTs that the user currently owns.

<>Sale NFT

The feature allows user list to sell a NFT

Step 1: Open item detail, select Put on sale

Step 2: Enter the price you want the list to sell, select Continue

Step 3: Select the Follow Steps form, select Start now to Approve

Step 4: Select Sign sell order

Step 5: Sign the confirmation on Metamask. Once done, a popup will be displayed informing you that the sale is successful.

That is the completion of the put on sale process a NFT

<> Change price

The feature that allows users to change the selling price of NFT

Step 2: Enter the price you want the list to sell, select Continue

Step 3: Sign the confirmation with Metamask.

Thus, completing the Change Price process, NFT will be listed for sale at the changed price.

<> Remove from Sale

The feature that allows user unlist a NFT

Step 2: Select Continue

Step 3: Confirm on Metamask

Then, completing the remove a NFT process

<> Purchase NFT

The feature that allows users to buy to own a NFT is listed for sale in the marketplace.

Step 1: Select Purchase

Step 2: Show check out form, check user information and choose Continue

Step 3: Confirm transaction on Metamask.

Step 4: Show form by buying NFT successfully.

Thus completing the NFT buying process, the user can list NFT for sale at the marketplace or use it in the game.

<>Transfer owner’s NFT

The feature allows to transfer ownership of NFT to another user without having to buy or sell. In order to transfer, the item must be unlisted.

Step 2: Enter the recipient's wallet address, select Continue.

Step 3: Confirm on Metamask

Then, completing the transfer token from this user to another user's process.

Affiliate programs

Each user when connecting will be generated a referral link, the user can use this link to send to other users. When the user receives the ref connection and buys NFT, the ref user receives 2% commission for each successful purchase.

Step 1: User chooses Copy your referral link (see it at homepage or go to user profile) and send the link to other users or post it on social channels

Step 2: User receives ref click on the link and choose Connect wallet.

Step 3: User receives link ref to buy NFT. Then, the user has been referred to as a referral (go to the user profile to see the Referral section)

Step 4: At the end of the day, the system will summarize the referral transactions of the day and transfer the commission to the wallet of the ref user (go to the user profile and see the Payment history section).

Payment and transaction fee

$HERA are used as a payment currency in Hero NFTs Marketplace.

Other user ref users who buy NFT at Hero Arena NFT Marketplace will get a commission of 2% of the NFT purchase value of the ref users:

  • Revenue Distribution (with ref) = ref 2% + exchange fee 3% + royalty 5% + net seller revenue 90%

  • Revenue Distribution (no ref) = exchange fee 5% + royalty 5% + net seller revenue 90%

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