Partners & Investors

We strongly believe that a successful and outstanding project needs strong and strategic partners. Not only investment but also the media boost is countless valuable for us at this time.

Hero Arena is fortunate to receive enormous attention from investment capital, such as Everse Capital, X21 Digital, DCI Capital, Minted Lab, HG venture, Basic Capital, Au 21. They not only give us funds for developing projects but also drive us in the right ways through beneficial advice.

Besides, we also collaborate with Verichains to audit our smart contract. This is a certificate for all the world to see Hero Arena as a highly qualified project.

About media boost, we are honored to have Coinmarketcap and Minted Lab. The strategic partnership will help expand Hero Arena’s network and boost awareness via mutual collaborations and relationships.

Last but not least, we also partner with many potential NFT game projects such as Bunicorn, Tokenplay whose marketplaces allow us to display and trade our Heroes. Through these collaborations, we can expand our communities by exchange users.

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