Staking & Farming

Hero Arena x Bunicorn Staking and Farming Pool

Hero Arena is opening staking and farming pools on Bunicorn exchange. This partnership benefits both communities with extra rewards in $HERA & $BUNI. To officially celebrate this occasion, both parties have decided to open a Farming Event.

Farm Duration: 6 months starting from 01:00 PM October 30th, 2021 (UTC) - 01:00 PM Apr 30th, 2022 (UTC)

Venue: Bunicorn DEX Total $HERA Farming on Bunicorn DEX: 30,000,000 $HERA tokens

$HERA Pools to be Available:

  • $HERA/ $BUSD (Bunicorn LP tokens)

  • $HERA/ $BUNI (Bunicorn LP tokens)

  • $HERA staking pool

Deposit fee: 0.5%

Rewards: All users staking in $HERA staking and farming pools will get rewards in $HERA. And $HERA rewards can be harvested at any time to your preference. If you unstake a part or all of your LPs/HERA on the farm, all of your rewards will be harvested immediately.

Staking task in INO Whitelist Registration

Users must Stake a minimum of 500 Hera Tokens between October 30 and November 10. Hero Arena will take a snapshot at 1PM (UTC), Nov 10 to check whitelisted.

More INO details: here



Several staking pools will be released for players to stake $HERA, allowing players to earn passive income in multiple types of tokens. At the end of every month, pool participants have the chance to win NFT hero fragments through lottery tickets.

Hero NFTs can be staked to gain hero experience while receiving passive $HERA at the same time. The longer the staking period, the more experienced heroes get in return!


Farming features allow players to earn extra $HERA as well. The yield rate will be adjusted accordingly with in-game macro-economic factors.

Farming is encouraged at the early stages of the game with high yield as features are still under development. As new features are released, yield will be decreased progressively.

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