The regulation of digital assets has become a primary target in all major countries. In some countries, there is no legal protection for both digital asset holders and their founders. Therefore, regulatory actions or changes in the law may make our products illegal, leading to stopping our operations.

Besides, the lack of a legal framework has made a fertile environment for scam projects. They may fake our project to gain profit, adversely exerting impacts on us.

Security Weakness

Malicious groups may target Hero Arena using malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smurfing, and spoofing. This attack also harms the pricing of digital assets as well as the process of development. Further, the future of cryptography and security innovations is highly unpredictable; thus, developments in cryptography may pose unforeseen threats to our token by making the cryptographic consensus mechanism.

Inadequate disclosure of information

In the development process, we may change or update something related to technical details such as design concepts, codes, algorithms, etc... The whitepaper only contains the very current information, not including the update referred to before or the up-to-date information process is disrupted. We disclaim to update the detailed information for the users, so the risks of inadequate disclosure of information are visible.

The process is disrupted

In the development process, many problems may occur, such as lack of capital, unforeseen technical difficulties, a decline in the prices of digital assets. These may disrupt the execution or implementation as planned, so we may delay some events to solve problems. Consequently, the real game events may unexpectedly not fit the roadmap.


As blockchain technology has crept into every aspect in the future of 4.0, the NFT gaming industry is booming as a new trend. Diverse sorts of decentralized applications and networks are rapidly emerging, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Alternative networks based on the similar code or protocol as our token and Hero Arena might be re-created, becoming our competitors.

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