Vision & Roadmap

It is still the early dawns of the crypto gaming industry and with being one of the pioneers, Hero Arena aims to be one the best Play-to-earn games there ever was on the market. Our goal is to create a safe space where earning and playing barely seem like two different things, offer the community a means of financing and entertaining at the same time.

Thus, a strong, civil, and united community is essential. Building and expanding the community horizon is one of our most important missions.


  • Design Heroes NFT (BEP-721)

  • Develop Hera Marketplace


  • IDO new token $HERA (Hero Arena Token)

  • NFT Staking

  • Design Item NFT (BEP-1155)

  • Initial NFT Offering (INO)

  • Release world map and web version

  • PvE & Dungeon


  • Mobile version on IOS & Android

  • Titan’s Realm


  • PvP & Arena

  • Item and Pet system (BEP-721)

  • New classes

  • Guild & Guild Battle


  • Cross-chain gameplay on Polygon

  • New metrics and restructured gameplay

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