Hero Arena Gem

Total Supply
Hero Arena does not sell directly $HEGEM. $HEGEM can be earned through in-game activities and transferred to your wallet. You can trade $HEGEM on Pancakeswap.


  • Battles: Join in-game battles such as PvE & PvP that can be obtained.
  • Arena: PvP arena compete with other players.
  • Dungeons: Dungeon Challenges have a chance of getting $HEGEM.
  • Tournaments: In-game tournaments with huge rewards.
  • Quests: Daily quests that help players get equipment & even $HEGEM
  • World Boss: Join to fight Boss to get $HEGEM, the more Hero lives, the more $HEGEM you get
  • In-game activities: Participation in in-game events & activities can be obtained


$HEGEM is the core currency used in Hero Arena's operation. $HEGEM can be used in the following activities
  • Hero Upgrade: Can be used to upgrade Lv & equipment to increase Hero's power stats.
  • Open Skills: Upgrading Lv unlocks new skills.
  • AFK: Get more rewards in AFK feature.
  • Totem Upgrade: Upgrading Totem increases the Hero's full power.
  • Upgrade items: Upgrade equipment, combine equipment to increase attribute stats.
  • Star Up: Upgrade stars to unlock Hero's limits.
  • Create Guild: Build your own team, develop powerful forces.
  • Blacksmith: Cast equipment, change attributes, improve Hero's equipment.
  • Store: Buy equipment to upgrade Hero.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Challenging luck can get rare equipment and even Legendary Hero.