Mystery Hero Box

We are cheerful to announce our Mystery Hero Box sale event on the Hero Arena NFT marketplace.

Hero Arena is a Metaverse RPG Game inspired from the Dota2. It is a futuristic world where gamers can own heroes, train them, collect items, and combat to earn $. Mystery Hero Box is Hero Arena INO event in November. By a certain of ratio, users can randomly unbox hero from 5 different rarities: Common, Rare, Elite, Legendary, Immortal. The higher the rarity is, the more valuable the hero is.

The Mysterious Hero Box includes 3 types: Silver Box, Gold Box and Diamond Box. For each cell, there will be a different rare champion spawn rate. Each Box will unlock a random hero out of the 20,000 sold in this batch.



20,000 Hero Box

Number of Heroes per Box

1 Hero


$HERA Token

Price per Box

Silver box: 100 $Hera

Gold Box: 150 $Hera

Diamond Box: 200 $Hera

2 rounds of INO event

1st Round: 1 PM (UTC) Nov 12 – 1 PM (UTC) Nov 15 with up to 12.000 Hero Box (Optional) Public Round: 3 PM (UTC) Nov 15 2nd Round: Coming soon (Estimated price x1.5)

Rarity Details of Mystery Hero Box

Moreover, each hero will be speared into 5 types: Common (40%), Rare (30%), Elite(15%), Legendary (10%) and Immortal will account for 5%.

1st round: Whitelist Round Conditions of participation

(1) More than 8,400 Boxes will be sold on Hero Arena NFT Marketplace.

(2) Another 3,600 Boxes will be sold on Bunicorn and it also pays by $HERA.

How to join: The condition to buy Mystery Hero Box is that you must be on the Whitelist (register whitelist and state at least 500 HERA to be qualified)

Whitelisting registration: 1PM (UTC) Oct 30 - 1PM (UTC) Nov 10

Users must Stake a minimum of 500 Hera Tokens between October 30th and November 10th. Hero Arena will take a snapshot at 1PM (UTC), Nov 10 to be check whitelisted.

Whitelist announcement: 3AM (UTC) Nov 12

INO: 1PM (UTC) Nov 12 - 1PM (UTC) Nov 15

Unbox box and Check hero on Marketplace: 1PM (UTC) Nov 15

How to register for the Whitelist

Step 1: Accesses INO website to sign in and connect your wallet

Step 2: Fill and submit Register form: User address, Telegram ID, Email (optional)

Step 3: Get referral link to refer friends and earn commission.

(Optional) Public sale Round

Start: 3:00 PM (UTC) Nov 15

Everyone can join, first come first serve and no limit amount of boxes/ purchase.


Each user when connecting will be generated a referral link, the user can use the link to send to other users. When a user receives the ref connection and registers the whitelist, the user will be recorded as a ref and will receive 10% commission for each successful box purchase of the user receiving the ref.

3 Steps get REFERRAL

Step 1: User press Copy and send link to other users or post on social channel

Step 2: User receive ref then click link and choose Connect wallet/Whitelist Register

Step 3: Referral is successful when the referred person starts buying Hero Box


The system has recorded the referral for the user, but the commission is only confirmed when buying a box successfully.

Referral divided into 2 level, for example A sends link ref to B, B registers and B sends link ref to C, then: B will be Ref Lv1 of A C is Ref Lv1 of B and Ref Lv2 of A

Purchase box

The feature allows users to buy boxes to unbox heroes in the game.

On the day of the INO sale, the user goes to the website and connects the wallet.

If the user is on the whitelist, the Buy Hero Boxes button will be displayed, and if not in the whitelist, the button to buy will not be displayed.

User chooses the quantity he wants to buy and selects the Buy Hero Boxes button (the system will check the maximum amount that the user is entitled to buy according to the above conditions)

User confirms the transaction on Metamask

When the purchase is complete, there will be a successful notification form. Public and user can go to profile to unbox

You will receive a commission from your referrals when they make a transaction

- Referrer will get 10%/transaction from Level 1 Referral

- Referrer will get 2%/transaction from Level 2 Referral

Users can see the statistics of his total number of successful refs, including how many successful level 1 refs. And the total commission received to create Your Referral Result

At the end of each day, the user will receive a commission of successful ref transactions. Transaction information can be viewed in the Payment history section. The system saves the entire history of the user, which can be sorted by the latest or oldest time.

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